Quantitative analysis is an essential component of Multi-Managers’ portfolio construction, manager selection and risk control processes.

Diversification and risk control require the allocation of total risk, tracking error and factor exposures.

Allocation Solutions

A-Dex facilitates the blending of portfolios to determine allocations that reduce total risk whilst often improving returns. The amount of active risk in the fund and underlying portfolios can also be measured, controlled and reported.

A-Dex solutions are a core component of our clients’ investment management process driving their risk budgeting and manager selection.

Factor Driven Portfolios

Multi-Managers must blend traditional active funds with factor-driven portfolios to achieve meaningful diversification. A-Dex delivers rules-based factor-driven portfolios, tailored to our clients’ requirements.

Our smart beta “Active Index” services have been extensively industry tested and deliver outstanding performance at optimal levels of risk whilst dramatically reducing our clients’ active management fees.

Total Fund Allocation Solutions

Fund alpha assessments and reallocation recommendations

Fund of fund look-through, total risk and style analysis

Powerful 3-D graphical analysis of feasible array of allocations

Quarterly allocation service

Cloud-based software subscription service

Active Index Fund Management Solutions

Risk and turnover optimised portfolio holdings are rebalanced for the client on a regular basis. A-Dex’s Look-Thru Core® service delivers greater flexibility, visibility and control, at a lower price, versus utilising standard ETF’s.

In house custom index production and portfolio strategy simulation following an enterprise integration of the A-Dex Kraken engine.


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